We know you have a lot of questions, so we’ll try to answer them here. If you still have more questions, use the contact us button or chat box below.

Who is the CRAA?

The Cycling Racers Association is a new association for competitive cyclist. We are not associated with USA Cycling or the UCI. We are partnering with event promoters who believe in our mission and can bring to reality the racing experience American bike racers deserve.


What Categories of racing does the CRAA offer?

The CRAA offers Road Bike & Fixed Gear Road Bike Racing for adult men, adult women, and minors in the following classes:

  • PRO
  • PRO-AM
  • Minors

How do minors register to race (between the ages of 16 – 18)?

When registering on the CRAA website, a signature of consent will be required by a parent/guardian. Just like CRAA registration, this is a ONE time consent to obtain a Racer ID. Additional consents will be required for participation in each race, event, or tournament.


What Category will I be assigned when I register?

The CRAA will review your current license category with USA Cycling and will assign you to our corresponding racing class. Below is our conversion chart. If you do not have a current license category with USA Cycling, you will be assigned to Open Class.

  • PRO –> USA Cycling Pro, Cat 1, & top Cat 2 finishers
  • PRO-AM –> Cat 2 & Cat 3
  • OPEN CLASS –> Cat 4 & Cat 5


Can I contest my racing Class?

If you believe you have been issued the wrong racing class, please send an email or chat with us below, and we would be happy to hear your case.


What happens after I submit my registration?

The CRAA will review your submission and issue your racing license in less than 24 hours so that you can buy your tickets to race in all CRAA events. If you need your race license sooner, please email us or chat with us below.


Do I need a CRAA Racer ID to race in CRAA events? Why?

Yes you do you, and it’s free 🙂

Your Racer ID gives you access to all CRAA races, tracks your progress across the Racing Classes, and allows you to participate in multi-day races.


How do I upgrade my Racing Class?


We’re currently working on a comprehensive upgrade guide as we speak, we will have it published and emailed to all racers before our first sanctioned event (April 3rd).

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